Content Marketing

Create, curate and share

Content marketing starts with creating remarkable content that you can share across media channels. Let’s create, publish, and distribute effective content that your cannabis consumer audience will appreciate. Your customers have questions about safely consuming edibles and how cannabis can help them treat chronic pain. We are Hubsport certified in content marketing.

Common Misconceptions

No matter when your content is published or who you are writing for, poor content is not going to be well received. Better content will get results. How do you improve your content? It’s called the skyscraper technique: Find great existing content and make it better. In other words, improve on the best. Boosting your content quality should be priority No. 1 for excelling in your content marketing efforts. UX Big Ideas can help you with your content needs.

Setting a Realistic Budget

Costs vary tremendously, as do the services offered. Some companies will charge $25,000 and up, while others will do a basic site audit and some content research for a few hundred dollars. At UX Big Ideas, we believe in transparency, and flexibility. We start at $500 for keyword research and competitive analysis, which will give you data-driven insight into content strategy, and a clear direction for your site copy, blog, social media and other content.

How Long Will It Take?

How long will depend on what goals you set, what budget and resources you have at your disposal and where you’re starting from. But “it depends” isn’t much of an answer. At UX Big Ideas, we can put together some general a six month milestones checklist that you should look to tick off as you develop, deploy and manage your content marketing strategy.