Influencer Marketing

Connect with Influencers and their communities

While opportunities look promising for business starting in the cannabis industry, many will face a number of challenges not seen by our more traditional industries. A particularly, how do you promote a cannabis business today when the rules restrict advertising on social media? Perhaps this is where cannabis, micro-influencers with large audiences come to the rescue.

Common Misconceptions

When done correctly, cannabis influencer marketing can reach niche audiences and create a bigger impact than traditional advertising methods. When done poorly, mistakes can prevent businesses from maximizing the potential of this strategy. The three biggest problems are finding the right influencers, being authentic, and remaining consistent and organized in your messages.

Setting a Realistic Budget

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about working with celebrities or big industry names. There is a lot to be said for micro-influencers, the less popular names who are likely to have a dedicated, albeit smaller following. This is our focus in building your organic traffic. If the project is the right fit, I’m sure we can expect spending in the lower hundred or an agreeable matching collaboration.

How Long Will It Take?

The social media influencers in the cannabis space understand the challenges that marijuana companies face with digital campaigns with Youtube and Facebook. Every campaign is different. So how long always depends on who is involved and your goals.