What to Do When Hosting an Event

What to Do When Hosting an Event

What to Do When Hosting an Event

So you’re hosting an event. Great.


Maybe you are a retail store that wants to promote a product. Maybe you’re an infused products’ manufacturer or a cannabis grower with a local brand and you want to help people learn more about what you sell. Or maybe you have a display booth at a conference.


One of the main reasons people will come to your event is to learn more about a product, service, or even simply learn more about the cannabis industry. Most people are actively searching for the next product to buy in the cannabis industry and want to see how different products work before deciding which one is the best fit for them.


This is your opportunity to use a demo as a soft-sell. Show them how your product addresses their pain points and how it’s different from your competitors (especially the one next door or a known big brand).


If you are the demonstrator of the demo, be sure you know what you are selling and have one handy before you start. But to really increase your chances of getting more customers to come, offer some sort of prize giveaway or hold a contest where people give you their emails or watch the product demo first.


The video below shows you some important steps and strategies before you host your event.



Here are a few more tips:

Engage Your Customers

If you know any key customers in the area who would want to attend your event, be sure to reach out and invite them with a friendly check-in. It’s a good first step to put a friendly face and human touch with any potential new customers behind the email message they usually receive.


As for existing customers in the area, invite them too. Putting in the effort to nurture your existing customer relationships can go a long way in securing them to come back again and again.


According to research done by Bain & Company, an increase of 5% customer retention rates could increase your profits by 25% to 95%. This means if you can get 1 in 20 customers to shop one more time, your sales go up big time – awesome, right!

Use Real-Time Social Media

The other half of event marketing is to use social media during the event. This will increase attendee engagement and offer those who could not come in person another way to interact with you and your product.

Post Hashtags

Don’t forget to create an official event hashtag to include in your marketing materials. It’s a good idea to send out tweets and Instagram posts during the event. If you’re at a conference booth, broadcasting your attendees’ posts live on monitors is also an easy way to leverage collective excitement and to encourage more social sharing.

If someone you work with is there attending the event, make sure to have them use the official hashtag in their posts. In the hands of a good Twitter or Instagram poster, you help to make this event more searchable when someone is looking for an event like yours to read and re-post. This will definitely increase your posts’ visibility – and your product’s visibility.

Boost Your Posts

Designate someone from your team to be in charge of live tweeting, live streaming any relevant sessions on Facebook Live, and to respond to people’s comments and questions on all the social platforms.

An easy to way to keep the momentum going with people at the show is to:

  • Share Photos: Live tweet pictures of your team at the event. According to Twitter, Tweet posts with photos get 35% more engagement than without photos. In addition to Twitter posting, share photos on Instagram and Facebook as well.
  • Share Videos: Live streaming ‘behind-the-scenes’ style videos also work. Don’t be afraid to show that your brand and team have a personality. Twitter research also found that videos saw a 28% increase in retweets. On Facebook, people on average spent 3x more time watching Facebook Live videos than those no longer live.
  • Tweet Quotes: During the demo session, tweet soundbites from the speakers and tag the speaker. Quotes see a 19% increase in retweets compared to regular tweets.

 Be sure to create engaging and useful content for both those at the conference and those who were unable to attend.

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Digital marketing is more than digital

What do you think? Do you have any event marketing ideas you’d like to share? Feel free to post them in the comments below. Digital marketing is more than the obvious routes of paid search, email marketing campaigns, and social media. These can only get you far. Whichever methods you choose, make sure you create a great first impression by creating a fully optimized website.


Milton Wani is interested in the business and regulation side of cannabis. Learning about cannabis is new for everyone. That’s why I wrote a book: Retail Cannabis Handbook. It’s meant for people who want to open and run a retail marijuana dispensary and for people who want to learn about the industry. You can also subscribe to the monthly newsletter and receive a selection of news stories from Canada and around the world. 


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